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Chat Logs
Chat Logging # I’ve always been a nostalgic person, and one that tends to live in the past. That, combined with my data hoarder tendencies created this side-project-kind-of-hobby sort of thing where I try to keep chat logs with people I talk to. And that’s not an exaggeration: I attempt to keep ALL chat logs. I have chat logs going as far back as when I created my Skype account in 2012; at the time of writing well over NINE years ago now.
Minecraft Projects # I have been an avid Minecraft player for what has basically been a whole decade now. Surprisingly, a lot of my life “achievements” either were a direct or indirect result of this game’s influence on my childhood mind. Here, I will put journals on my Minecraft projects such as my Minecraft coding projects, whether it be modding or plugin development, server administration, or even some gameplay projects during my misadventures playing the game (which unfortunately rarely happens nowadays).