1.18: Caves & Cliffs # Ore distribution # World generation # World generation hasn’t changed this substantially since the Update that Changed the World (1.7). There are a lot more nuanced things that changed as well, such as the fact that shadow seeds don’t exist anymore as a result of the fact that the world generation code now uses all 64 bits of the seed to generate the world.1
All The Mods 6
All The Mods 6 # This is the information page for the All The Mods 6 modpack. Link to CurseForge Link to GitHub Installation # I recommend using MultiMC. You can also use the Curse Launcher (a bit easier, but I personally don’t like it.) Prerequisites # Java # To play this modpack, you will need a copy of Java between version 8 thru 15. JAVA 17 WILL NOT WORK.