1.18: Caves & Cliffs #

Ore distribution #

Ore distribution in 1.18

World generation #

World generation hasn’t changed this substantially since the Update that Changed the World (1.7).

There are a lot more nuanced things that changed as well, such as the fact that shadow seeds don’t exist anymore as a result of the fact that the world generation code now uses all 64 bits of the seed to generate the world.1

In essence, that means that there are no longer worlds that are similar to one another (all worlds are now unique), which can be taken in both ways.

Personally, I have mixed feelings and I liked the little bit of mathematical (literally) personality that the world gen had prior to this change. Ultimately, it won’t really impact me as I never really used these seeds.

Comparison between 1.17 and 1.18 #

1.17 #

1.17 world gen

1.18 #

1.18 world gen