About #

My online pseudonym is Soper Aylamo.

I am an electrical and computer engineering student, formerly a computer technician.

I have been fascinated by computers & electronics since I was a child, and have an affinity for physics and mathematics.

I tend to lose myself when it comes to anything I find remotely interesting, leading to a habit of completely absorbing myself in a subject to the point of near-obsession.

If I’m not busy juggling a personal project, school assignments, or real life work, I’m probably procrastinating at doing them.

Contact #

If you’d like to contact me, you can do so at contact-962@temp.sope.email.

Use my PGP Key and my public uploading service if you want to send me encrypted or sensitive stuff. Requires knowing how to use PGP though, which isn’t really too hard to learn.

Otherwise, you can find me at:

Reddit: soperino

Instagram: @soperss

Twitter: @soperino / @soperaylamo

Twitch: soperino

YouTube: Soper

Steam: soperino

I value my privacy, so if you would like to realistically hold a conversation with me through other mediums such as Discord, you will have to contact me another way first.